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Unique Design Concepts:  Pale Night Productions prides itself on creating unique products that are not simply a rehashing of tired, old concepts.  PNP continues to push technological boundaries to give our customers effects that will stand out from the crowd.

State of the Art Technology:  We pioneered Video Integrated Animatronics in 2009 and have been on the cutting edge of haunted attraction technology ever since.  We strive to continue making innovations and consistently create some of the most technologically advanced props and effects available to the haunted attraction industry.

Engineering Expertise:  Our President holds a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, spent years doing design, fabrication, and automation work for industrial clients before founding Pale Night Productions, and still teaches upper level engineering classes at a local university in his spare time.  No other haunted house manufacturer can boast that kind of engineering background and no other haunted house manufacturer will build a better quality product than Pale Night Productions.  Speak to any of our customers and they will consistently say that our products outlast the competition time and time again.

Outstanding Customer Service:  We are not interested in simply building a product for you but rather building a relationship with you.  The vast majority of our business every year is repeat business from customers that know they can trust us to not only deliver a quality product but also support the sale.  We can always be reached by phone or email and we warranty everything we sell for one full year against any manufacturers’ defects and normal wear and tear.

Staff Experience:  Pale Night Productions employs a staff with nearly 50 years of experience working in the haunt industry designing and building props and effects as well as designing, building, maintaining, themeing, and operating haunted attractions all over the country and all over the world.  Our products have been featured in haunts and theme parks all over the US. Our work can also be seen in places as far away as Ukraine where we designed and built the country's first year round haunted attraction at an amusement park in Kharkov.

Unmatched Quality:  When it comes to quality, the truth is that quality must be built into every piece of a product. The prop is only as good as it's weakest component. We start out designing every product with the best materials in mind. We use top quality valves, cylinders, and fittings in every piece we make.  We put bushings or bearings on EVERY moving joint to ensure proper operation through many, many cycles and we always design the mechanism before we make the prop to go on it. After all, what good is a great looking prop that breaks two weeks after you install it?


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