Cold Fogger

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The Cold Fogger is everything you ever wanted from a fog machine and could never have.  To begin with, it runs on mere tap water with no additives what so ever so there's never any fog fluid to constantly replace.  In addition, it produces a cold, dry ice like fog in seconds that hugs the floor or surface of your water source and if placed in a container like an oil drum the fog will spill over the sides and cascade to the floor.  The effect is amazing and really must be seen to be believed.  Try getting the same effect from a fog machine and you'll have to purchase a messy fog chiller.  Our Cold Fogger comes with the fog unit itself, a floating ring that keeps the fogger at just the right height in any amount of water, a 30 foot cord, and an outdoor transformer that plugs directly into a standard 110VAC outlet.  The fogger will shut itself off if it ever gets dry so there is no danger of burning it up.  Ceramic discs inside the fogger produce the fog and will last an average of 3000 hours.  When they finally fail, simply replace them using one of the disc kits.  Get the great effect of dry ice fog without the hassle.

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