Demon / Orc / Vampire

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A comprehensive set of full face prosthetics to become a Demon, an Orc or a Vampire with disturbing results. Comes in unpainted gelatine.

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    It looks awesome, but comes with many problems

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2014

    It really is a great looking piece, but it was a MAJOR pain in the butt!! I've used prostetics many times in the past, and foam is definitely the way to go!!! This piece is very heavy and I had a hard time getting it to stick to my face. I used the adhesive that was suggested to use with it. The adhesive bottle and blender were only half full and was not enough to keep the large and heavy piece on.. It kept slipping and peeling off.. The blender did nothing at all... I added spirit gum and that's what helped keep in on my face.. The top kept peeling off than started to melt, and fell off in chunks.. I wore a hat that helped keep it on and cut up a wig and made long sideburns to hid the edges because the blender didn't work.. after I painted it it looked good, but you need to be a pretty good painter. Last thing. You can barely see!! Due to the large wide nose.. Got a few good pics with it than took it off. Too annoying to wear all night

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    orc product review

    Posted by taci garcia on 11th Jun 2014

    I bought this for a film I am working on and I noticed immediately that there was a rip almost in the center of the prosthetic. Since it was ordered late , I didn't have time to complain or order a new one and simply had to patch it up myself. Overall I was happy with the design of it, but a tear in the middle of it wasn't very convienent.

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