Q: Are the makeup appliances you sell reusable?

A: Yes and no.  If you are careful when removing the appliance you may be able to get an additional use or two out of it.  Unfortunately, the process of feathering the prosthetic edges into the skin makes it difficult to remove without damaging said edges.  So...pratically the answer is no but for those with patience you may just get away with it.


Q: I have seen similar video effects on other websites and some of them claim that they created these types of effects or have been doing them longer than you.  Is that true?

A: No.  We were the first company to introduce video-animatronic hybrid effects for sale to the haunted attraction industry in 2009.  The wild popularity of this type of effect has caused many imitators to spring up trying to cash in on our success.  The first product we introduced was the Asylum Door.  A simple youtube search will show that the oldest videos of an effect of this kind are of our 2009 tradeshow booth.  There is even a video out there of our President, Kip Polley, explaining how he came up with the completely new and innovative idea at that same tradeshow.  We were also the first company to integrate a water blaster into a video animatronic hybrid (Zombie Attack - 2010), the first to implement one in the ceiling (Wall Crawl - 2010), the first to integrate a smell cannon (Wall Crawl - 2010), the first to create one using a motion platform (Bridge Buster - 2010), the first to combine one with a live actor (Chainsaw Havoc - 2011), the first to create a large scale video animatronic hybrid using a projector (Slaughter Blades - 2011), the first to create a line of them with multiple effects housed in the same unit (The Maniac, A Woman Scorned, and Deja-Vu - 2012), the first to create a large scale falling wall video animatronic hybrid (Strength in Numbers - 2013), the first to create a line of these effects that all scare and reset within 10 seconds for haunts with throughput concerns (Strength in Numbers, Suprise Attack, and Shock Treatment - 2013), and the first to create an effect using state of the art transparent LCD technology (Fear Frame - 2013)...but who's keeping track?


Q: Do you create custom effects or can you modify stock effects to fit my specific needs?

A: Yes and yes.  If you have a custom prop in mind or simply a customization of a stock effect please email us at sales@palenight.com and we'll be happy to create something for you.