One Eyed Zombie Brow

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Amazing zombie prosthetic featuring highly detailed withered skin and a swollen shut eye. Looks great on its own or can be worn with one of our zombie mouth prosthetics for a complete undead look! Comes in unpainted gelatine.

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    Outstanding customer service! Excellent quality and craftsmanship!

    Posted by Freddy on 22nd Oct 2013

    First, Pale Night Productions: I was recently hired to do a ‘last minute’ zombie makeup, and I remembered seeing these prosthetics on the Nimba Creation's YouTube channel. Although very impressed with what I saw in the video, considering the fact that Nimba is based in Scotland (I'm in the U.S.) and how just how little time I had to get them, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of these appliances being a possibility. Factoring in overseas shipping, customs, and only 4 days until the event, there simply wasn't enough time. Needless to say, when I discovered these appliances on PNP's website the following day, I was thrilled to know they were available domestically!

    Still running short on time, I contacted Pale Night Productions. Ashley with PNP was so incredibly helpful and gracious! To cut to the chase: I placed my order and received the appliances in ONLY TWO DAYS! - Communication with PNP was great. They understood the importance of my deadline, and they delivered EXACTLY AS PROMISED! I can personally attest to the fact that you CAN order from Pale Night Productions with confidence.

    Now about the prosthetic appliances: If you've watched the Nimba Creations video on YouTube and have any doubt about the quality of these pieces, I can tell you they are as depicted. They are very well crafted and superior in quality.

    Before ordering (I will admit) I had a healthy amount of skepticism. My own experience in molding, casting, etc... made me wonder if the prosthetics would actually come as described and if maybe the creator was promising more than could he could deliver. (i.e.: Would the edges actually be as thin? Would the pieces I was ordering live up to pieces I saw in the video?) Well, they were everything I imagined! Our actor wore the pieces for about 4 or 5 hours, and they held up beautifully.

    If you have experience in applying prosthetic appliances, you won't be disappointed.
    If this is your first time attempting a makeup like this, I would strongly urge you to follow each of the steps described in the tutorial TO THE LETTER. From prepping the pieces to applying the adhesive to using the recommended materials and supplies ... follow the steps EXACTLY. If you do, you WILL get similar results.

    Were there surprises? Yes, but only of the types that should be expected - nothing out of the ordinary.

    The only thing worth noting (at least for me) was the fact that the pieces are laid flat in the packaging. As a result, I suspect the appliances lose a little of their original curvature, and it took a little work to get some pieces to adhere properly. For example, with the brow piece, the area around the open eye took some work. I also purchased the two-piece exposed jaw, and the upper jaw piece was a little more flat and rigid than I expected. Getting the curvature right was a bit of a challenge.

    In all, I definitely recommend these appliances! So achieve similar results without them would have taken days! They fit together beautifully and they final result was amazing!

    OH AND ONE MORE THING: Remember the video tutorial WASN’T shot in real time, so allow yourself plenty of time. Don’t expect to pull this makeup off in 30 minutes! In my case, I spent a little over an hour actually applying the pieces and about another hour painting.

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