Ripped Face

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An extreme injury prosthetic, with torn skin exposing muscle tissue and teeth! Perfect for 'walking dead' style zombie effects or trauma simulation, the teeth on this appliance part to allow for talking or eating.  Comes in unpainted gelatine.

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    buyer beware

    Posted by katie gammage on 14th Jan 2016

    i was not sent two real nimba creations ripped face i knew from package which was food saver bags which for a fact nimba dont used. if you say its unpainted gelatine which its not i put my 2nd one in microwave for 1 minute just test it half way though to see if it would melt so i could melt that thing down and didnt melt at all.

    By an unfortunate misunderstanding Pale Night had to repack everything from our last order from Nimba Creations. We used FoodSaver bags because it was the perfect size.
    As for the piece not melting, we do apologize for sending you silicone rather than gelatin.
    Thank you,
    Pale Night Productions

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