Wall Crawl

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250.00 LBS
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This video is made to be mounted in the ceiling and shows a view up into the turret of an old mansion.  As lightning flashes through the windows a ghoul is seen plastered to the ceiling.  She then begins climbing down the walls in grotesquely contorted poses before lunging down and screaming blasting guests with her foul smelling "breath".

This effect is available in two different forms.  The "Complete Package" option includes the television, video, player, smell cannon, mat switch trigger, and frame.  The "Video Only" option is just a DVD with the video files on it set to a loop.  You provide all the components and use our video to complete the effect.

"Complete Package" price includes solid state video player, monitor, digital sound module, 6in. by 23in. mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical connections.  Requires 110VAC electrical.



This prop is hand made and may vary in style and size. Please call for availability and delivery pricing.

This prop requires compressed air and a powered speaker that are not included.

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